The Artists of Algonquin

Linda Sorensen

Wilno Hills Gallery
1012 O’Grady Settlement Road
Killaloe, Ontario, K0J 2A0

Linda Sorensen was born in London, England in 1953. Throughout childhood she was exceptionally gifted and interested in art. For 40 years she has lived close to nature near Wilno, Ontario and was part of the back to the land movement, raising her family in a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Her approach to painting involves hands-on adventure in Algonquin, Ontario’s oldest provincial park and one of the largest wilderness destinations in Canada. She travels by canoe or boat, hikes and camps. She paints outdoors in every season, and takes photographs and sketches, constantly exploring light, form and colour through her wilderness treks. She says this special quality of “being there” infuses each painting with immediacy.

One of the greatest influences on Linda’s creative spirit has been world-renowned artist and environmentalist, Robert Bateman. Linda says she aspires “to convey my vision of our natural world and its beauty, and in doing so, to inspire humanity to respect nature and be stewards of our wilderness and wildlife habitats.”

Linda’s work is represented in private collections across Canada, USA, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Germany.

Rock Lake Autumn by Linda Sorensen

Linda Sorensen
Rock Lake Autumn
20" x 16" Oil

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