The Artists of Algonquin

Kevin Hockley

Hockley Studios
PO Box 40, 139 Hass Road
Maynooth, Ontario, K0L 2S0

Specializing in wildlife themes, Kevin Hockley gets inspiration directly from his surroundings. His studio is located near Maynooth, Ontario, only a short drive from Algonquin Provincial Park where he finds an abundance of inspirational opportunities.

Kevin gained a detailed understanding of animal anatomy while working as a taxidermist with the Royal Ontario Museum. This knowledge enables him to sculpt freely without thinking about structure or proportions, and allows the essence of what he wants to convey to come through.

Kevin has enlarged his knowledge of wildlife with expeditions to Alaska, Africa, South America and numerous areas of North America, he has also visited zoos and private reserves, which provide him with opportunities to enhance his work.

Noteworthy museum representation of his work includes The Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto; Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa; Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Regina; and the Smithsonian Institute,Washington DC.

Spirit of Algonquin - Eastern Wolf by Kevin Hockley

Kevin Hockley
Spirit of Algonquin - Eastern Wolf

44"l x 47"h x 18"w (Life Size), Bronze LE-6

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