The Artists of Algonquin

Joyce Burkholder

Hillside Paintings and Pottery
888 Wilno South Road
Wilno, Ontario, K0J 2N0

The award-winning art of Joyce Burkholder reflects a profound love and appreciation of the Algonquin landscape and her unique way of seeing and painting what surrounds her. Joyce chooses to paint primarily outdoors on location in all seasons using oils, acrylics and watercolour. Her inspired paintings capture the moments she witnesses with freshness and vitality.

For 40 years, Joyce has carved an artistic and creative life on the land, building first her 16’ x 16’ cabin, heating with wood, carrying water, and earning a living from her craft. Today she is an award-winning artist with works in hundreds of private collections throughout Canada and abroad. She also leads painting workshops in all mediums in and near Algonquin Park.

A prolific and dynamic painter, Joyce has a passionate commitment to portray the beauty that surrounds her so that others may experience and remember the wilderness in it’s infinite and changeable wisdom. Algonquin is an area to preserve and protect. Joyce believes we and future generations depend on that primal connection with nature.

Ponder Lily by Joyce Burkholder

Joyce Burkholder
Ponder Lily

20" x 40" Acrylic

An Aaron Berning Design ©2012 Andrea Hillo