The Artists of Algonquin

Gertrud Sorensen

PO Box 310
End of Galeairy Lake Road
Whitney, Algonquin Park, Ontario, K0J 2M0

Gertrud Sorensen builds her landscape paintings with a heavy brush and oil paint. Her favorite medium is oil, however occasionally she uses watercolour and likes to sketch. She enjoys bringing life to canvasses with scenes of nature and paints mostly outdoors, in and around Algonquin Park. She is a self-taught painter who attended many workshops in and around Ontario.

An Austrian born Canadian, and a world traveler, Gertrud came to the Algonquin area in 1967 with her family. Initially she pursued photography and her images appeared in brochures for the resort she owned. In 1983 she began to paint in oil. A decade later, after retiring from her business, she could devote more time to painting.

Her paintings have been exhibited in several art galleries in and around the upper Ottawa Valley, and are held in numerous private collections in North America, Asia and Europe. Gertrud’s home and Art Gallery Studio, as well as many of her paintings, are on the property of the Couples Resort in Whitney Ontario.

Cabin in the Woods by Gertrud Sorensen

Gertrud Sorensen
Cabin in the Woods
16" x 20" Oil

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