The Artists of Algonquin

Eric Tenn

Eric says that when he enters Algonquin Park, the Park enters him. His photographic lenses fuse literal, sensory and imaginative elements to evoke and express metaphor. His Imaginative lenses may reveal different facets of the experience: Literal images capture elements immediately recognizable. Abstracts seek close-ups that highlight literal aspects of the subject in relatively unfamiliar ways. And certain images are explored digitally to find the impressionist resonance of the image and experience.

“Generally I shoot with a sense not only of the subject, but also a sense of what may be within it.” For Eric, the artistic experience is manifest both in the relationality with the subject and the way in which the image develops form, whether through chemical or digital processes.

While living in London England, Eric often yearned for the forests of Canada, and he has called Muskoka home for the past ten years. His background encompasses music, philosophy, psychology, martial arts and Shamanic studies . Eric works as a psychotherapist in private practice.

Rock Print by Eric Tenn

Eric Tenn
Rock Print

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