The Artists of Algonquin

Donna Caldwell

White Birch Studio
3244 South Baptiste Lake Road
RR 1 Highland Grove, Ontario, K0L 2A0

Donna Caldwell has been interested in drawing and painting since her early childhood in the Bancroft area of North Hastings County. However, she didn’t realize that she had a future as a painter until she took art courses in Ottawa, where she was working at the time.

Since moving back to the Bancroft area, Donna has taken lessons from a local artist. This gave her the confidence to continue painting and she discovered “realism” was her calling.

Surrounded by the perfect setting in the Hastings Highlands and Haliburton Counties, she is able to capture “Nature at its Best”!

Although she has experimented in several media, she has found that working in oil brings stunning colour and realistic beauty to her canvases. The simple things in nature seem beautiful to her, such as an old rotting stump, an autumn leaf, a bird nestled in a tree, a deer peering through the leaves or a babbling brook trickling over stones.

Participating in several local art tours and shows has been rewarding to her as she enjoys sharing her “Brush with Nature”!

Bark Lake Sunset by Donna Caldwell

Donna Caldwell
Bark Lake Sunset

12" x 16" Oil

An Aaron Berning Design ©2012 Andrea Hillo