The Artists of Algonquin

Andrew Hillo Jr.

PO Box 88
Harcourt, Ontario, K0L 1X0

At the age of ten, Andrew Hillo’s parents enrolled him into the Royal Ontario Museum’s ‘Saturday Morning Club’. This weekly experience amidst some of the finest artworks and artifacts on the planet, created a deep and lasting impression. Two years later he began an apprenticeship with his father in the family signwriting shop; it resulted in a solid education in the forms and shapes employed in graphic arts.

Interestingly enough, these early influences led him to become a lead guitarist in various heavy rock bands, stints in feature film carpentry and experiments in astronomy education, art, and tourism products.

His work is especially known in the South Algonquin region, with numerous hand-lettered and carved signs embellishing communities, and several larger than life sculptures are amongst his artistic accomplishments.

The dark skies needed for ‘The Stargazer Sky Map’ led him back to the edge of Algonquin Park. It was here, in the nocturnal woods, that he conceived what he considers his greatest artistic discovery, ‘Secrets of the Algonquin Night’. The work involves a small audience in the evening forest wearing headphones, they experience an unprecedented voyage of sound, story and visual effects.

Untitled by Andrew Hillo Jr.

Andrew Hillo Jr.

24" x 48" Oil

An Aaron Berning Design ©2012 Andrea Hillo