The Artists of Algonquin

Andrew Collett

Andrew Collett Photography
15 Monica Lane, Unit 7
Bracebridge, Ontario, P1L 1P8

Andrew Collett has always loved the character of the land and the secrets it reveals to the patient eye. As a child, he spent his summers getting to know the landscape of Georgian Bay, Muskoka and beyond. He became an observer of nature, discovering the beauty of places and seasons that were often overlooked by others. Andrew started his career in the business side of visual design, and a number of years passed before he realized he had his own distinctive vision to express. In photography he found a powerful medium into which he could pour his boundless creative energies.

When a scene captures Andrew Collett’s eye, it’s because he has had a vision of what it could be at its best. It could be at four in the morning when the mists rise from the night-cooled land; or, at seven in the evening as a thunderstorm batters a distant line of dark trees. Andrew’s goal is to capture a scene in exactly the circumstances when experience tells him it will be suffused with the most intense emotion. He works hard to grasp a fleeting feeling; one which lives for just a brief moment in a masterstroke of light, colour, shape, perspective… and timing. He brings to life moments gathered from the land and fashions into them into fine images that are celebrated in interiors of all kinds, where the echoes of what he has experienced will resonate for years to come.

Winter Blues by Andrew Collett

Andrew Collett
Winter Blues

24" x 36" Giclee Print

An Aaron Berning Design ©2012 Andrea Hillo