The Artists of Algonquin

Shelley Beach  •  Joyce Burkholder  •  Donna Caldwell  •  Andrew Collett  •  David Dawson
Janet Stahle-Fraser  •  Kathy M. Haycock  •  Andrew Hillo Jr.  •  Kevin Hockley  •  Lori Kallay
David Kay  •  Mark Kulas  •  John Lennard  •  Chuck Lewis  •  Sandi Luck  •  Jay McCarten
Ingrid Monteith  •  Heather Inwood-Montrose  •  Corey Pietryszyn  •  Elke Scholz   •  Jane Selbie
Elizabeth Siegfried  •  Gertrud Sorensen  •  Linda Sorensen  •  Rob Stimpson  •  Eric Tenn
Carole Ann Thur  •  Catherine Timm  •  Sophia Tink  •  Wendy Wallace  •  Wendy Wood

The Artists of Algonquin

Designed & Published by Andrea Hillo
Edited by Leonard Pizzey
Foreword by Robert Bateman

Contemporary Artists, Wild with Passion

“It is good to see a new generation put its heart and talent into this place that has stirred so many hearts”.
---Robert Bateman, Artist and Naturalist

“What struck me as significant was/were the colour reproductions as well as the quality of much of the work embodied therein.”
---Mendelson Joe, Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist, Painter and Activist

“Hillo designed the book herself, and it is quite a rich, professionally done anthology strong with confidence and purpose. It is a very striking 72-page large full colour hardcover, a coffee table book with the art front and centre.”
---Jason Dickson, Muskoka Magazine

“The stunning full-colour reproductions of artwork by artists focusing on the Algonquin region are truly exquisite.”
---The Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper, P.C., M.P., Prime Minister of Canada

Sunrise Paddle by Janet Stahle Fraser

$44 plus tax (S&H not included)
Limited Edition Hardcover Art Book

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